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Welcome to Got Balls Meatball Factory - have a taste of our signature meatballs

Got Balls Meatball Factory is bringing your favorite Italian American food closer to you. We are the only meatball themed mobile kitchen in the area serving everyone with a delicious selection of pasta, sandwiches, salads, seasonal specials and a bunch of appetizers.

What started as a family favorite is now shared with everyone. When we started our food truck business in 2014, it was well received by the people in the area. Our customers are family and come back time and time again to see what's new and enjoy their favorites. We continue to add new our existing menu and introduce wonderful fresh ideas to your favorite meatballs. 

Got Balls Meatball Factory strives to be more than just a usual food truck. We strive to serve you with exceptionally great food from our signature recipes. Customers love our fresh hand rolled and cooked meatballs in Red Gravy and the goodness of freshly baked bread every time. 

Experience The Best!
Known for our reputation as a favorite pasta food truck, we do our best to exceed our customer's expectations. To do this, we create exciting twists to our recipes and add more delectable and interesting food to our menu. Customer satisfaction is what we aim to provide every time they come to us to get a bite of their favorites here at Got Balls Meatball Factory.

We are a pasta food truck and more. We also provide catering  services for corporate meetings, private parties, wedding rehearsals, festivals and more. On top of that, you can also enjoy our box lunches, family-style meals or buffet or window service. 

So come and taste our signature meatballs and be ready for a surprisingly delicious experience here at Got Balls Meatball Factory!
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